I bought a Fluence light for $1500 and this is what I got! Crap components and super un-professional grow light!!

The newest offering from Fluence Bioengineering is not yet ready for prime time. Poor circuitry, bad dimmer performance, and incompatibility with CO2 are just some of the weaknesses. With some additional design refinements, these large lights might have potential, but until some fundamental problems get worked out, these LED lights are simply not worth the cost for what you get.

Overpriced LED Grow Light from Fluence
Plastic Diode Cover after 48 hours of light

What we saw upon closer inspection.

Fluence LED made in china

  • Open Circuit board with High amperage‚Ķ. Bad for grow room
  • Chinese Drivers are a Cause for Concern
  • Heat Warping of Plastic Diode Cover after only 48 hours of continuous use!
  • Cheap circuit boards and poor dimmer performance are issues.
  • Apparently no internal waterproofing at all!
  • Lots of people complaining about these LED lights.


Loose fitting components in a non-waterproof housing.


Open Circuit Board + High Amperage = Dangerous! Note the old BML circuit board.